About Sam

I am a graduate of Lorain County Community College (1982), The Ohio State University (1984), and the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law (1987).  At The Ohio State University, I earned a degree in Economics.  From Cleveand-Marshall College of Law, I earned a Juris Doctorate Degree.

I have been practicing law since November 16, 1987.  My practice is devoted to family law, which includes, but is not limited to divorce actions, custody disputes, calculation of chid supporet, calculation of spousl support, taxation issues, business vauations, property valuations, pension rights issues. 

Although many people believe that a divorce is a simple process, it is very complicated for many reasons – clients are upset, the courts are crowded  with many people wanting to see a conclusion to their disputes in a short time frame, and few judges and magistrates to hear the controversies in a time frame that would satisfy each individual person’s needs.  Apart from the emotional issues, the law is in flux; with good lawyering, issues and results can be different for each case even though from a non-lawyer’s perspective the cases appear to be similar.  The valuation of property is difficult because each valuation expert has an opinion; the true determination of property value is what would a willing buyer pay to a willing seller.  I enjoy what I do for a living and profession.

I have two children.  My daughter is an adult and currently 19 years old.  Contrary to my suggestions, she elected to not go to college.  Rather, she wants to get married and be a homemaker.  My son is 10 years old.  He loves baseball, football and videogames.


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